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Book for Orphans

BOOK ONE – Sikander Ali ‘You are a bloody buffoon, a red-assed bander, a monkey, who will not be anything once you grow up. You hear me, you idiot? Your mother should be satisfied if you make it as a barber!’ ‘Bah,’ I resorted glibly, ‘Habeeb is a barber and his salon takes in thousands

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A Little Like Ali (A.S.)

A Little Like Ali (ALLA) CAMPAIGN – YEMEN FOOD CRISES SYNOPSIS Saudi airstrikes and blockade have devastated the country of Yemen and furthered food shortages and starvation. 13 million people and 1.3 million children under five are malnourished, with so many dying due to mass starvation. In one hospital, 15 out of 150 children under

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