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IMG 0716 1Sallam and welcome to Comfort Aid International (CAI), we are happy you have taken the time and trouble to visit us. Please spend a few moments to explore this website and familiarize yourself with some of the many wonderful projects CAI is involved in, all geared towards giving an opportunity to the very poor and destitute the world over, especially in the field of education.

Although CAI actively supports many global humanitarian projects, our focus and priority is and will remain education. To this end, CAI donors have financed the construction of 15 schools in remote areas of Afghanistan, 4 in India and 2 in Liberia. 5 more schools in Afghanistan and 1 in India are in the pipeline for 2014 / 2015. Literacy and knowledge are the only solutions out of poverty, intolerance and extremism. We have witnessed incredible success in poverty alleviation through education in India over the last 18 years. Children, especially girls, who were in the gutters of slum dwellings, literally, are now doctors, nurses, pharmacists, computer programmers, teachers and MBA’s in various disciplines. CAI will, insha’Allah replicate this success in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the coming years.

CAI is active in orphan and widow care, as commanded by our Creator. CAI donors have constructed 5 orphanages in India and 2 in Afghanistan, actively supporting the education and lives of over 300 orphans. A girl’s orphanage is under construction in Srinagar, India.

Medical care is a huge issue in rural Afghanistan where whole communities have not had contact with a medical practitioner – ever! CAI operates 3 fully equipped medical clinics in some of the most remote parts of Afghanistan, or the earth, even. A qualified doctor, nurse, midwife and free medications are available for the poor and destitute. Women give birth in clean and medically supervised clinics and children are getting free vaccinations for the first time in their lives.

Care of refugees fleeing violence or natural calamities, blankets for the exposed in winter, water where there is none available, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and women economic empowerment programs; CAI donors stand ready to lend a helping hand. Globally, partnering with local NGOs, CAI donors have helped those in crises in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Niger, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Come; join us in these noble causes by joining with us in seeking the ultimate pleasure of the Lord.

Ali Yusufali

A few dedicated individuals have organized a fundraiser on April 26th, 2014 in New Jersey. Click for details.


  • Sirsi House Gifts

    The Phase One 50 homes for poor widows at Sirsi, UP India was inaugurated on Jan 20 and first few homes were handed over.
    Another proud CAI / donors accomplishment.

  • Poor Chilren In Zanzibar Get Desks

    The first 200 out of 410 desks, each sitting three students each were handed over to various schools in poor districts of Zanzibar.
    The children can now comfortably sit on desks instead of the dirty floor.

  • New Wing Of Phanderi School Inaugurated

    The new wing at Phanderi Sadaat girls school in UP was officially inaugurated and handed over to school management.
    The wing consists of biology, chemistry, physics and computer labs and a fully stocked library.