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CAI Newsletter – Jun 2015B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2015B 150 150 ComfortAid International

2015 Ramadhan Iftaar Collection Update: CAI was, unfortunately, unable to raise the total funds needed to aid all the poor and destitute for this current  years planned project. There is…

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August 2008 Report – Part One

August 2008 Report – Part One 150 150 ComfortAid International

The remote village of YawKawlang in Bamiyaan Province of Afghanistan is relatively small; scattering of crumbling mud homes with a front and back yard full of planted crops and an…

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July 2008 Report

July 2008 Report 150 150 ComfortAid International

My dear Muslims, I have, alhamd’Allah, returned to Mumbai from a visit to Afghanistan yet again; a visit marred by the terrible explosion outside the Indian embassy in Kabul on…

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December 2007 Report

December 2007 Report 150 150 ComfortAid International

 I am back in the US after an extensive six week trip to Africa, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and India. Alhamd’Allah, the trip was both exhausting and successful. Following are my…

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September 2007 Report

September 2007 Report 150 150 ComfortAid International

A very hearty Ramadhan mubaarak to all of you. May all of us have the toufiq to get closer to our Master and seek His pleasure always, for surely nothing…

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May 2007 Report

May 2007 Report 150 150 ComfortAid International

Afghanistan – In the land of unimaginable anguish Once again, by the grace of Allah (SWT), I was blessed with a trip to Africa, India and Afghanistan. As is my…

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December 2006 Report

December 2006 Report 150 150 ComfortAid International

Amongst the Hazara Orphans – My five days of despair in Afghanistan. Part One I undergo surgery in Mumbai and get confirmation from pathology that the tumor removed is not…

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September 2006 Report

September 2006 Report 150 150 ComfortAid International

My fellow Muslims, Salaam aleykum and special greetings to you on this blessed and holy month. May Allah (swt) accept our meager a’amaals and sacrifices this month, increase us in…

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