CAI Newsletter – April 2016 – B

CAI Prepares To Feed The Poor For Ramadhan 2016:

CAI is gearing up to feed the poor and destitute this coming Ramadhan. In order for this project to be successful, we need to plan and mobilize now. Insha’Allah, 10,000 families will receive basic but nutrition grains to supplement their iftaars. This project will be implemented in Afghanistan, Africa (multiple countries), Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. The total cost of the project is estimated to be around US$250,000 (average US$25 / family). It is imperative we start mobilization now. Your help is requested, please. Let us concentrate our efforts and make this a success like all previous years insha’Allah.

Kiembe Samaki Communities In Zanzibar Need 5 Water Wells:

There is an acute need for water in this parched area of Zanzibar. Each water well will serve about 80 families (about 400 people). Each well costs approximately US$2,500. Please help if possible; we want to begin the project ASAP.

Kolda School, Senegal Update – In Photos:


Possible 2nd New School At Goiro Yero Boakar In Senegal:

The 600 plus children going to this school deserve better. CAI intends to build them a modern school in 2017 if the funds can be raised insha’Allah: