CAI Newsletter – August 2015 – B

2015 Eid Hajj Qurbaani Project

CAI will, as usual, offer Qurbaani services for 2015 in Afghanistan, India and Africa. All meat and skin will be distributed to the poor and indigent in remote areas. Payments / pledges must be received by CAI no later than September 20th for the following prices to hold; all requests after this date will be at current market rates, which will probably be significantly higher:

Afghanistan – US$120 – Very large animal

Africa – US$41 – Small animal

India – US$104 – Large animal

Hallour School In UP India Officially Opens

CAI 6th Indian school at Hallour, Uttar Pradesh officially opened on India’s independence day. Sharing photos of the joyous day:


Cataract Surgery For Poor Tanzanians Continues

CAI efforts to return eyesight to poor Tanzanians continue with 68  almost blind people helped so far. It costs only US$100 for this invaluable service. Will you please help a poor person see again for US$100? Please help if you can, sponsor a patient or more. Allah bless.  Sharing some photos:


Afghanistan Trip Report – Riyaz

I recently concluded a trip to Afghanistan accompanied by Riyaz who has written this important blog you might be interested in.