CAI Newsletter – December 2017 – A

Acute Food Crises In Yemen – An Appeal For Milk:

CAI is trying to increase milk aid to the disastrous situation in Yemen; a high protein, high-calorie diet will help these children gain weight and fight disease. Please help! 


CAI Makeshift School For 122 Rohingya Orphans Ready – Opening December 10 insha’Allah:

In addition to the orphans total care, this school will provide them an education and an alternative to the horrors they have endured.


CAI’s Sakina Girls Home, Sirsi, India – Construction Progress:

The new facility coming up nicely, a ditto match to the boy’s facility, except more modern – ready for a grand opening May 2018 insha’Allah.


CAI / TRS Zahra Boys Home Orphanage in Kabul, Now At Full Capacity – 50

These children have seen and experienced nothing but war and terror – now, they are in safe hands, with a shot at a quality education.