CAI Newsletter – December 2017 – B

Appeal For Life Saving Blankets / Heating Coals:

Winter is fast approaching and CAI will attempt to provide warm life-saving blankets and/or heating coal to the most vulnerable in Afghanistan and India. For about US$25 per family, this will save lives. Please help if possible. Allah bless.

CAI’s Rohingya Orphans Get A School And Nuirishments:

CAI’s partners at Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh performed a miracle and put together a functioning school in about 6 weeks! Between 122 – 140 Rohingya orphaned children will get a brand new beginning with smart uniforms, hygiene kits, a nutritious meal and milk per day and basic education at the facility. You can view some wonderful photos here.

There is a comfortable room with a western toilet within this school for any education / medical professional wanting and willing to help these orphans. These are traumatized children who are in need of counseling and love.

CAI’s Mali School Opens – New Schools In Senegal And Mali:

CAI’s school in Bamako, Mali officially opened early December in the presence of CAI Trustees. Three more schools are in the pipeline for poor communities in West African countries by the end of 2018 insha’Allah.You can view some wonderful photos here.