CAI Newsletter – July 2017 – B

Your Donations Save Lives:

This cholera infected child in Hudayba, Yemen was saved by your dollars. US$5 vaccinates a child against cholera which is rampant in war torn Yemen. CAI is still short of 4,000 children (US$20,000) from the set target of 14,000 children.  Please help if you can.  


Sakina Girls Home – Sirsi, UP, India:

Update photos of construction progress on this orphanage.


Al Mahdi (a) School In Bamako, Mali:

Update photos of construction progress at this school.


Ouagadougou, Mali and Bamako, Mali Trip Photo Update:

CAI Trustees and well-wishers recently visited Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and Bamako, Mali to inspect the school under construction in Bamako and for due diligence on another school for Ouagadougou. Poor children who do not currently go to school will benefit from these opportunities provided by CAI donors. Click here to view the photos.