CAI Newsletter – May 2017 -A

Ramadhan 2017 Iftaar Relief Update:

Let us bring relief and happiness to the poor during this holy month for the pleasure of Allah. Please donate at now or pledge. Allah bless.

Olimometer 2.52
Inside CPES, Kabul.

This is the view from inside the Comfort Aid International Private English School (CPES) in Kabul, Afghanistan where the first year student strength is already at 130, 30 being Sakina Girls Home orphans. Please pray for the success of this wonderful opportunity for our girls at a quality education.


Yemen Medical Aid Photos:

CAI / BETA donors contributed for US$50,000 in urgent medical aid to the people affected by the war in Yemen. Sharing few photos.


Ahangar Medical Clinic – An Update:

Now that the spring thaw has completely taken hold, work has resumed on this remote medical facility. Sharing some most recent photos: