CAI Newsletter – November 2016 – B

Milk For The Children Of Yemen:

CAI in partnership with BETA Charitable Trust of UK has begun the first distribution of powder milk to the profoundly affected children of Yemen. This will help to ward off malnutrition that is so rampant in the infants in this war-ravaged country. A second shipment is planned for the second week of December insha’Allah, bring the total value of milk distributed to US$75,000. Please help if you can, by donation to BETA here or CAI here. Let us bring some joy, however fleeting, to the innocent children and their mothers. Sharing photos of current distribution:


Water Purifying Units Go To Haiti:

CAI in partnership with BETA Charitable Trust of UK has airlifted 450 units of water purification units and hygiene kits to the hurricane-damaged areas of Haiti as gifts in memory of Imam Hussein (a). These units, each costing US$50, will clean and make drinking-pure enough drinking water for about ten people a day for the next 18 months. Potable water is of critical importance at the moment as many are dying of cholera. Please help if you can, by donation to BETA here or CAI here. Allah bless. Sharing photos of units under assembly in Ontario, Canada:


Arbaeen Walk For Orphans:

Sohail Abdullah, a Trustee for CAI, is currently participating in a charity walk to raise funds for 460 CAI worldwide sponsored orphans education expenses. A donor is matching these funds dollar for dollar, up to US$20,000, so CAI will insha’Allah have $40,000 for this fabulous cause. CAI has raised US$7,330 so far. Please help if you can and donate here.

Kolda School In Senegal Grand Opening January 14, 2017

The construction of the CAI donor sponsored school in Kolda, Senegal is almost complete and the grand opening is scheduled for January 14, 2017, insha’Allah in the presence of local officials and Trustees of CAI. Sharing photos of this wonderful project that will serve the needs of about 600 poor children for a quality education at full strength.