Afghanistan – A CAI Operation Update

Afghanistan – A CAI Operation Update

Afghanistan – A CAI Operation Update 150 150 Comfort Aid International


The speed at which the security situation in Afghanistan has/is deteriorating is both breathtaking and heartbreaking. Fourteen years of very hard work in painstakingly building a cohesive infrastructure of humanitarian projects now suddenly seem to unhinge. Never in my wildest imagination did I for a second envisage the country falling to the Taliban, certainly not with the speed of the takeover currently in progress. I am utterly shattered is all I can say and will leave the matter of destiny to the will of Allah (s). However, CAI will do whatever is humanly and legally possible to assist the hapless and wretched people of Afghanistan.

The six remote medical clinics run and operated by CAI are halting operations as a precautionary measure, to protect the staff and prevent structural abuse. This action will have a profound effect on the poor population that live in remote Afghanistan but there simply is no other choice. There are operational, logistical, legal, and financial considerations that must be considered and okayed before the services can restart.

CAI’s care for the 150 orphans’ facility in Kabul will cease as well. Many of these poor children have been in CAI care since mere infants and know very little of the outside world. Indeed, I believe they will perish if they are returned to their guardians, many mothers who have remarried, with new husbands who do not care for additional mouths to feed. However, CAI is forced to send these kids to their guardians nevertheless, not wanting the risk of having a self-proclaimed Amir ul Momeneen claiming one of our orphan daughter (or son) a legitimate prize. I would not be able to live with myself if something like this occurred.

The CPES school which gives unparalleled quality education to over 450 children, including the 150 orphans will also close. There is too much uncertainty for CAI to attempt a continuation of service. For now.

CAI is struggling to feed thousands of internally displaced refugees that have escaped the advancing violence, about sixteen villages from the Daykundy and Ghazni provinces. The food distribution is currently occurring in Nilli, Daykundy, and Kabul. The internally displaced refugees have taken shelter in local mosques and other people’s homes. About US$250,000 has already been allocated to this program but this will only last through August 2021 and more will be needed. CAI will continue this feeding program as long as the funding is available. A family gets US$30 worth of rice, wheat, and cooking oil.

CAI donors will continue giving food and essentials support for the girls and boys as we hunker down to let the storm clouds clear. I request your continued prayer for this wretched country and her hapless people.

Allah bless.

Yusufali – If possible, please go here to donate towards the feeding program.



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