Al Attash Water Project

Al Attash Water Project

Al Attash Water Project 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Two very needy sites for water well, and any other projects that can assist the villagers to uplift the quality of their lives. 

1.)  Sheban Owino Koba – Imam of Busia mosque
Area: Ebutokomi
Sub Location: Sikinga
Location: Bukhayo east
Sub County: Nambale
County: Busia
Beneficiaries 45 families (7-8 people per family)

2.) Khadija Nyarotso – a widow
Area: Sidende
Sub Location: Malanga
Location: Bukhayo central
Sub County: Nambale
County: Busia
Beneficiaries  40 families (7-8 people per family)

These area residents are living in extreme poverty, earning less than a dollar a day. Most of them were dependent on Mumias sugar company factory, which has fallen out. So all jobless.

There are 30 widows, 25 elderly men and 50 orphans here. Many students fall out of school after completing class eight and fail to join high school because of poverty.

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