April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI Breaks Ground On Imam Sajjad (A) Medical Clinic, Afghanistan

The hard winter freeze is finally thawing in Sacheck, Bamiyan Province so construction of donor funded Imam Sajjad (A) Medical Clinic has now begun alhamd’Allah. This facility will go a long way in alleviating the suffering of the sick, especially expecting mothers with difficult pregnancies during emergency surgical procedures in winter insha’Allah. Expect the project to complete September 2013 insha’Allah. This US$150,000 facility is almost fully funded, with only a furthur US$7,000 needed.



Phenderi India Girls School Gets New Sciences Wing
The recently inaugurated all girls school in Phenderi Sadaat, UP India is modernizing already! Alhamd’Allah. CAI donors are putting in a brand new wing for Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Computer labs and a comprehensive, modern library. And six toilets. Construction has begun and should be ready September 2013 insha’Allah.


32 Destitute Widows Get 6 Months Groceries
Daste Barchi is a sprawling slum outside Kabul, home to over a million very poor IDR (internally displaced refugees), with many destitute and hapless widows living in squalor. These families sometimes go without food 2 – 3 times a week. CAI will, this month insha’Allah, distribute six months of food supplies to 32 such families at US$50 per family a month. We plan expand this program to other widows, especially with small children and or elderly parents, as more funds become available insha’Allah.


Heads Up For Coming Ramadhan Iftar Appeal
CAI is already planing her 18th Ramadhan Iftar project for feeding poor families in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and East Africa. The plan is to aid 8,260 poor families who we believe will not be able have an adequate or nutritious meal after breaking fast. Insha’Allah.
This is a massive project in planing, budgeting, coordination and distribution, to some of the most remote, rugged and sometimes dangerous parts of the world. It is imperative we begin the process now so we can lock in food prices at todays rates; they will escalate as the holy month approches.  The total cost of this project is estimated at US$209,300 or about $25.34 for a months food support per family. Please consider sponsoring one or several such families for the satisfaction of knowing your help will ensure a widow or child will sleep with a full belly. All for the pleasure of Allah (S).
I am confident CAI donors, old and new, as usual,  will help us out, insha’Allah.



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