April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015 150 150 Comfort Aid International
2015 Holy Ramadhan Iftar Appeal
CAI will, insha’Allah, embark on a program to feed the poor and destitute this coming holy month of Ramadhan. The countries included in this program are:
African countries (Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leon, Mali, Niger, Ghana, Sudan, East Africa), Burmese Rohingya Refugees, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. The average cost per one month of Iftar food supplement is US$28. This includes rice / flour / cooking oil / sugar / pulses / tea / dates.
CAI will try and deliver these iftaar packages to over 10,000 families so this year’s budget is US$280,000. We appeal for your generous support, like the past eighteen years. Remember, most of these food packages are going to some of the most remote parts of the world so your early help / pledge will greatly help us plan and execute the project in time and on budget insha’Allah. Please join us and fill a hungry stomach this blessed month of sacrifices.
Allah bless.
Water Wells / Hammams
Rural Afghanistan is water deprived and poor local villagers go through extreme difficulties in looking for this lifeline, especially in the winter, particularly the women and children. Because of this lack of water, keeping tahaarat is many times virtually impossible in winter, mainly for teenage girls who resort to taking hurried and freezing baths in animal dens after sunset. CAI has now embarked on constructing a small adjacent hammam (bathroom) with all water wells projects. This enables the villagers to have a hot bath.  The village council is then responsible for keeping the the hammams clean and repair free. Each of these projects costs about US$3,000 ($1,400 for the well and $1,600 approx. for the hammam and annex). The water well serves about 1,200 people and has an average life of 25 years.
Sharing photos of two such projects recently concluded. Keep in mind these are extremely remote and dangerous areas of Afghanistan, where these ‘luxuries’ are unknown to the villagers. It will take some time to get used to piped running water and but the people are deeply thankful nevertheless.
CAI Iraq Water Aid In Pictures
Rohingya Refugees Gets CAI Food Aid
Rohingya refugees, perhaps amongst the most repressed people on earth will soon, insha’Allah, get more food aid from CAI doners.  Arrangements are underway to send a shipment of rice, daal and cooking oil to Rohingya refugee camp outside Cox Bazaar in Bangladesh. Please help in this very important and a great investment in the pleasure of Allah.

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