April 15th, 2010

April 15th, 2010

April 15th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Nagaram Housing Project – An Update:
Alhamd’Allah, we have sponsors for 11 out of 16 impoverished and destitute families that urgently need housing assistance in Nagaram, AP. Please help the remaining 5 families get a roof over their head coming into the monsoon season in the near future which will make their current hovels a living hell. Each very modest home costs only USD1,200. I was fortunate to visit Nagaram between April 3 – 5; you may find my trip report an interesting read at Ali Yusufali – My World, my personal Blog.

Nargaram HousingNargaran Housing

Jaffery English Elementary School – Kishanganj, Bihar, India –
An Update:
Unfortunately, there has been very little response to CAI appeal for funds to construct a modest school in Kishanganj, Bihar. This community of 300+ people will never come out of poverty if their children do not get a decent education and an opportunity for a better life. You can change this and help CAI Attachment Converted: “c:\eudora\attach\modest school. CAI has already raised USD20,000 out of”

Sheep Rearing for Afghan Widows – An Economic Empowerment Miracle:
It is my personal experience there is no greater feeling of joy than to see a human being free from begging for daily necessities of survival; especially if the person is a destitute widow Momeena with several children to feed. This is very possible and I, through CAI sponsored programs that provide 5 sheep to eligible widows, have seen this economic empowerment miracle in Afghanistan. These widows make a reasonable income from the milk and milk byproducts in the winter and wool as well in summer. Within a year, these 5 sheep are about 15 – 20 and the family is well on their way out of poverty and begging into a life of dignity, security and relative comfort. It costs only USD500 per widow; please consider this incredible opportunity that will pay handsome dividends in seeking the pleasure of Allah (S).

Economic Empowerment – Kishanganj, Bihar – India:
CAI, using your sadaqa funds, invested in empowering the following individuals better their economic conditions:

Jawad Sajjad Hussein and Nizam Allahudeen – Poor human rickshaw pullers rent their equipment, toil all day to earn about 50 – 75 INR, about USD1.50 – 1.75. From this amount, about 40% is paid as rent, leaving them about $1. CAI purchased brand new rickshaws for them for USD250each, making it possible for them to keep 100% of their earnings.

Syed Hassan Ali – This young man rents a sewing machine and works all day earning about USD2.00, then pays 25% of it in rent. CAI purchased a new machine for USD100; he gets to keep all his earnings now.

Simple but powerful examples of your sadeqa funds at work! Some photos for your eyes:

Economic EmpowermentEconomic Empowerment


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