August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
As usual, CAI will insha’Allah facilitate the distribution of this religious obligation should you choose to have it gifted to the poor and destitute of Afghanistan and India. Also, I am on my way to Myanmar and will arrange distribution of some funds to refugees if feasible. Please ensure your funds reach us no later than Friday Ramadhan 28 at the latest, making sure you mark it “for sadaat” if you are one. It is also very important you treat the payment as a ‘loan’ to CAI until Eid day when you must change your intent to that of zakaat. These will insha’Allah be distributed to the poor / destitute on Eid day.

CAI Donores Aid Syrian Conflict Victims
CAI donors, working through partners at WABIL in London have contributed US$23,000 in relief supplies of food and shelter for the victims fleeing violence in Syria. These victims now languish in Iraq where several Hawzas have welcomed them with whatever little they have to spare. Complete report and photographs of relief distribution coming up insha’Allah. Please help if you can by donation at

2012 Ramadhan Iftaar Relief A Super Success
All of us should be super proud of this years Ramadhan Iftaar relief program to the poor of this world. CAI, with partners BETA, OCT and regular donors worldwide were able to reach the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Tanzania, helping over 10,000 families eat healthy / better while breaking saoom.  Masha’Allah! May Allah bless all our so very generous donors who raised over US$200,000 for this cause.

CAI/BETA Aid Medical Clinic In Afghanistan
Badakshaan in Afghanistan is so remote, normal access to it is via Dushanbe in Afghanistan, then a taxi ride to the border, then a donkey ride and finally a three hour walk to a community of very poor Momeneen. Here, CAI and BETA Charitable Trust from UK partnered to complete a medical clinic for the community. This community will have access to medical attention very soon insha’Allah. Here are pictures that tell a story; the lady in photos is a Tajik medical doctor.

CAI 11th School At Charbagh, Afghanistan
I am ecstatic and exited to share these photos of our donor funded all-girl school at Charbagh, Sarepole. These girls studied in the frigid open and used the earth to write on. They now study in warmth and security, with desks and books  – Alhamd’Allah! Imagine the future possibilities for these girls future now! Our 12th school is stated for opening in September when I next visit insha’Allah.

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