August 16th, 2013

August 16th, 2013

August 16th, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Saving Lives This Winter
CAI is gearing up for aiding poor families cope with coming winter insha’Allah. As you may already know, many lives are lost due to extreme cold in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  We can save these by providing a large heavy blanket that comfortably accommodate two adults for US$25. Additionally, CAI will give heating coal that cost US$7. What make these blankets pricy is transportation cost to the remote areas, otherwise they cost between US$18 – US$20.
CAI wants to be proactive and move these to remote areas before roads become impossible to navigate; logistics in these countries understandably take a long time. Let us not wait until tragedy strikes before acting. Please sponsor a blanket / coal for US$32 or more if you can. These save lives, especially of very young children and infirm adults. Our target is three thousand widows who have not been helped in the last five years of this program.

Afghan Updates
Alhamd’Allah, CAI donor sponsored Imam Sajjad (A) Clinic in Sachack and 14th school in Dykoondi near completion; we will have official openings when I am there shortly insha’Allah. Our 15th school, again in remote and poor area of Dykoondi District will break ground as well at the same time.


Rescued Children Of Helmand

As earlier reported, CAI has sheltered fifteen poor girls and twenty-two boys from Helman Province in Afghanistan in a secure location in Herat. These children were held captive by Taliban elements and were doctored in hateful ideaology towards Shia Islam. They now get a quality education, three square meals a day and secure shelter. Once properly educated, they will return home and turn over the cruel cycle of their brethren insha’Allah. We share a few photos of these boys students; the girls declined to be photographed, even with proper Islamic attire.

Zakaat el Fitr Distribution
CAI was able to distribute about US$9,000 in Zakaat el Fitr to deserving poor and destitute in Afghanistan (251 families) and India (241 families). Sharing few photos:

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