August 1st, 2013

August 1st, 2013

August 1st, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Zaakat Ul Fitr
Zakaat ul Fitr for 2013 will insha’Allah be distributed to eligible poor and destitute on Eid day in rural Afghanistan and India.  Those wishing to take advantage of this service must have their funds to CAI by Ramadhan 28 at the latest. Please remember to make the intention of your contribution as a loan to CAI, then change it to Zakat ul Fitr on your respective Eid day. We recommend a minimum payment of US$10 per person.

Iftaar For 10,700 Worldwide Families
With the blessing of Allah (S) and your very generous support, CAI was able to reach out to 10,700 poor / destitute families this holy month of Ramadhan. Iftaar packages were distributed to these in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Farso, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Niger, Sudan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Syrian refugees fleeing violence of war,  Tanzania and Yemen. THANK YOU!!!


Zaynabiya Economic Empowerment (ZEE)
CAI has launched Zaynabiya Economic Empowerment (ZEE) project in the province of Herat, Afghanistan. Batch of 25 poor women, preferably widows, are provided three months intensive training and raw materials in making beautiful silk scarves which are sold in the local and international markets. These scarves will be made available for sale by CAI in the US, Canada and Tanzania shortly insha’Allah.

We share photos of the training in session. This is an excellent opportunity to support and economically empower destitute women.

UMF Launches TeenCentral.Net
Here is a very worthy cause that need our support:
United Muslim Foundation is proud to announce the launch of UMF Muslim Portal on TeenCentral.Net insha-Allah this Eid.  TeenCentral.Net is a anonymous helpline website, where teens counsel other teens, under the guidance of experts in psychology and teen counseling.  With the launch of the UMF Muslim Portal, Muslim teens will have a safe, cyberspace, Islam-appropriate advice to the challenges of ‘Growing Up Muslim.’ The Portal will also feature a database of Muslim professionals and organizations that can provide additional services for teens in need.
Please support us by volunteering and contributing generously to the needs of our youth. To sustain the resources of Muslim administrators and to continue to provide free services for our Muslim youths, we need your monetary support.  Generous contributions are tax-deductible.  Donations are accepted electronically and via mail.  To find out more, contact us

CAI Wishes You A Blessed Eid ul Fitr
CAI wishes all her supporters and well-wishers a happy and blessed Eid ul Fitr. May Allah (S) accept your sacrifices this holy month of Ramadhan and bless you and your families for your stellar support to all CAI projects and activities. The help you provide is invaluable, more importantly, the opportunities you make possible to the poor and destitute is incredibly priceless and unique. Allah bless.

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