August 24th, 2009

August 24th, 2009

August 24th, 2009 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Kargil Medical Trip Report, August 2009

A Personal Note:

With the onset of this very blessed month, I greet you and wish you a very blessed and fruitful Ramadhan, full of Allah’s blessings, forgiveness and mercy. Allah (S) has virtually guaranteed us forgiveness this month; we have only to open up and ask Him for it. If Allah (S), who has the might and right of retribution can be so compassionate and so merciful, who are we humans who have absolutely none? So, with this blessed month in mind and Merciful Allah (S) as manifested in our Aimaah (A) as a barometer, I ask each and every one of you to please forgive me for any transgression on my part, however small, against you. My recent trip into Afghanistan and the dangers it exposed me gives me much to ponder about. We all must go one day and that day may be much closer than we want to admit or care to think.

We are all so very blessed; I know each and every one of you reading this email is blessed simple because you can read and have access to a computer and a source from where you can connect. Now I want you to think of little Ali Yaar, 12 year old boy from Sacheck in Afghanistan, a place so remote there is not even a tea stall in the village. Ali Yaar fell off a donkey and broke his arm, an accident that has left him in agony and cannot be set because there is no hospital, clinic or a doctor for miles, even if his father had the funds to have him treated. So Ali Yaar ends up having his arm wrapped in a cardboard box and hopes it will heal. The bone will heal of course, but heal crooked, without it being set straight.

I have repeatedly stated that the situation of Afghans boarders on hopelessness and free-fall elimination of her most venerable, her children. It is the children that suffer the most; experience the most hunger pains, endure the most severe winter frost bites, get the least medical attention and most tragically, are deprived of an education, the only poverty solution known to me. Life provides us endless opportunities to make a difference in somebody’s life; here is a chance, a golden chance to make a solid difference in a life of a poor, destitute Afghan child or a widow who witnessed her husband butchered for no reason other than his belief. Help the people of Afghanistan in any way possible, not necessarily through CAI even, but please do help and march with us as we try and please our Master, Allah(S).

Masomeen Boys Orphanage – Srinagar – Indian Kashmir:

This CAI donor funded orphanage officially opened on August 07, Shabaan 15. This home will house over 150 orphans eventually, providing much needed facility for poor orphaned boys to have a go at an educated / productive adult life insha’Allah. Some photos of opening:

Medical Camp – Kargil – Indian Kashmir:

CAI spearheaded a medical camp in Kargil August 8 through August 12. Alhamd’Allah, hundreds of poor people benefited; most that have never been to a doctor – ever! It was purely selfless efforts from twelve most caring medical professionals from Canada, UK, Tanzania and India that made this all possible. I am in no position to thank them; it would be totally insignificant. Their reward lies with Allah (S) who will reward them with mercy and blessings in this and after worlds. Click here for an album of photos from the medical trip.

Total people screened – 876

Medical – 385

Dental – 221 (153 Fillings (including 39 Stainless Steel Crowns, 33 Pulpotomies (Nerve Treatments), 167 Surfaces Filled). Teeth Extracted – 558. Teeth Fissure Sealed – 183 (This is a coating on the tops of molars to reduce the chances of future decay). Other – 2 surgical soft tissue repositioning to release cheek to gingival attachment.

Optical – 270

Medical attendees:

Dr. Imran Gulamhussein – Dental UK
Dr. Kamaal Sheriff – Dental Tanzania
Dr. Hasnain Dewji – Dental Canada
Dr. Zuhair Merali – Optical Canada
Dr. Abbas Vakil – General medical India
Sabira Merali – Optical aide Canada
Fatema Dewji – Dental aide Canada
Roshan Jaffer – – Dental aide Canada
Naaz Rashid – Medical aide Canada
Mohammedqassim Dewji – Dental aide Canada
MohammedYassir Dewji – Dental aide Canada
Aamir Sheriff – Dental aide Canada

A comprehensive report on my recently concluded Afghan trip during the presidential elections coming up shortly, insha’Allah.

May Allah bless you and your families in this and after lives.

Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali


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