August 3rd, 2012

August 3rd, 2012

August 3rd, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
As usual, CAI will insha’Allah facilitate the distribution of this religious obligation should you choose to have it gifted to the poor and destitute of Afghanistan and India. Please ensure your funds reach us no later than Ramadhan 27 at the latest, making sure you mark it “for sadaat” if you are one. It is also very important you treat the payment as a ‘loan’ to CAI until Eid day when you must change your intent to that of zakaat. These will insha’Allah be distributed to the poor / destitute on Eid day.

CAI Aids Poor Schools In Zanzibar
CAI donors, through Sister Raihana Merali, working for the poor in Zanzibar, will insha’Allah donate 140 school desks this Ramadhan, each sitting three students, at Nugwi and Makunduchi to few poor schools there. CAI donors will also repair badly damaged floors of three classrooms of a Nugwi school where students sit for studies on the floor. In addition, CAI is also completing the construction of a local madressa where English language classes will be conducted after regular Quraan classes. Insha’Allah.

Your Dollars In Action – Oozmook Medical Clinic, Afghanistan
This medical facility, serving about nine thousand families is the first in the area, ever!   The sick see a doctor, babies are delivered safely and children get vaccinated for the first time in their lives; these pictures tell a story.  A proud donor / CAI accomplishment!


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