August 7th, 2009

August 7th, 2009

August 7th, 2009 150 150 Comfort Aid International


I feel it very important I communicate the subject of succession of CAI operations if something were to happen to me. It is redundant to state that I am a mere mortal, but I’ll state it nevertheless; I AM! There are a number of things that can happen; I could be killed in an accident with the traveling that I do in the countries I travel; I could be killed by a terror strike or I could simply die naturally (least preferred personally). It could happen!

The way CAI is set up at the moment is not ideal; rather, it is outright irrational! I am the CEO but I control every aspect of its operation, from fund raising to auditing to field trips and progress reporting to assessing needs in making a decision on projects to negotiating contracts to compliance and transparency and accountability to accounting and government tax reporting to legal affairs to motivating field contacts etc. Hasnain Yusufali in Austin, TX is a Trustee but his invaluable role is limited to treasury affairs; collecting and disbursing funds as directed by me. Murtaza Yusufali in Orlando makes my life much easier handling emails and other IT related matters.

This setup is evidently flawed and needs to change; very quickly. I have in the past, appealed to anybody with the time, willingness and passion for humanitarian work to join CAI as a trustee so that the decisions and workload may be shared but most importantly, continuity in CAI services if I am removed from the equation for any reason. I realize this field of work is not for everyone and it is difficult to contemplate travel in places like Afghanistan but there simply MUST be few of us that can venture in this tremendously rewarding service for the pleasure of Allah (S). CAI needs at least three more trustees to come on board. Two minds are better than one and three better than two. I am not infallible and I need the support and guidance of others in this noble service.

So, please, please consider this appeal carefully. If Allah (S) has blessed you with passion to serve His cause, you can spare the time and can travel at least a couple of times a year to remote places, are not too particular about where you sleep, can handle some not so comfortable travel and can squat, please join us – kareebu sana! The rewards are fantastic and awesome and you will earn the most expensive thawaab in this world as you prepare for the next.

Upcoming Trips:

I am on my way to:

Srinagar, Kashmir, India – August 7. We will insha’Allah, inaugurate CAI’s fourth orphanage in India, alhamd’Allah. This is the most beautiful and comprehensive orphanage project undertaken by CAI in India. This orphanage is important as it will facilitate the housing of orphans in the north of India, relieving pressure in the crowded orphanages of Mumbai.

Kargil, Kashmir, India August 8 – 12. I am leading a team of doctors (medical, eye and dental) from Canada, UK, Tanzania and India to a medical camp in remote parts of Kargil. This will be the first time these poor and destitute villagers would have had contact with a medical professional. We will also distribute Ramadhan Iftaar food packages simultaneously.

Kabul, Bamiyaan, Yawkawlang and Sacheck, Afghanistan August 14 – 20. Ramadhan Iftaar food package distribution, 100 couples mass marriages, sheep distribution for economic empowerment to 50 widows and project inspection at Imam Hussein (A) School and Rishkore water and mosque sites. Please pray for my safety as this unavoidable time coincides with presidential elections in Afghanistan.

Ramadhan Iftaar Fund:

Please pay careful attending to the deficit in our collections this year; please, please help us reach our target if you can. Remember, this target has been cut by USD25k due to shortfall in Iftaar fundraising this year, cutting 900 families off supplemental Iftaar rations to the most venerable – orphaned children and widows of Afghanistan.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy appeal – may Allah bless you and your families in this and after lives.

Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali


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