CAI Newsletter – Apr. 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Apr. 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Apr. 2021 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2021 Ramadhan Relief – Update


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Aid To Rohingya Fire Victims

CAI donors come together to aid the victims of a devastating fire at the Rohingya refugee camp 8/9/10 at Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Over 9,500 people lost homes, scores dead or missing and the refugees lost everything except the clothes on their backs. CAI has fed over 8,000 individuals and distribution of daily essentials will happen as soon as the current weeklong lockdown is relaxed or lifted. Sharing a few photos:

Rehabilitation Of Uganda School / Orphanage

CAI donors immediately came to the rescue of about 140 orphans living under unacceptable and distressed condition in Bwegerere, Uganda. They are now eating heathy meals and drinking a glass of milk daily. CAI is also refurbishing their entire living quarters and the school they attend. Sharing a few photos:

100 Homes For The Homeless – Afghanistan

There are hundreds of homeless widows with children in Afghanistan, victims of senseless violence. These widows are forced to work to support their kids and self, the majority of menial compensation going towards house rental for a one-bedroom heatless miserable home.

CAI donors have constructed over 600 homes for such widows all over Afghanistan, providing much relief to the hapless woman, who will not have to worry about rent payments. Ever.

CAI and TRS of New Zealand, have come together to construct a very modern 2-bedroom sturdy permanent structure for 100 widows or very poor families. Land has been provided in Herat, Afghanistan to construct these homes, each costing US$9,500 each, using 3D printing technology by TRS. TRS has pledged US$200,000 for this very worthy investment. Please help a widow put food on the table for her children instead of worrying about rent. Allah bless.



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