CAI Newsletter – Apr. 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Apr. 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Apr. 2021 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakaat Fitr

As usual, CAI is making arrangements for this obligation to be distributed to the poor and destitute the world over. For the program to be successful, since the distribution is far, wide, and remote, CAI needs to make arrangements from now. Please help us by donating now with the intent of a loan to CAI and converting it to Zakaat fitr on eve of Eid.

The recommended amount is US$10 per person, minimum. Click to donate.

CAI Donors To Construct A School In Sindh, Pakistan

About 350 students try and get an education in SalehPat, Sukkur District, Sind which is in an elementary ‘school’ located in a makeshift shopping center. Two classes are being held in one room concurrently, making the learning process an almost impossible task. The land has been provided and CAI will insha’Allah construct a normal school for the poor kids who attend. This will be CAI’s 57th global school project. Click to donate.

CAI Donors Increase Aid To Yemen

The food and medical situations in Yemen are a disaster and a human catastrophe. CAI, in partnership with Beta Charitable Trust, UK has been delivering essential food aid to the destitute and homeless at US$14,000 per month over the past 5 years. This amount will increase to US20,000 starting July 2021, to accommodate more desperate people. Please continue this critical support so these hapless people can eat at least one meal a day. Sharing photos of February 2021 food distribution. Click to donate.

2021 Ramadhan Iftaar Food Aid Update

The target of raising US$471,130 has been met, alhamd’Allah. All further donations to this cause will roll over to general food aid. This was a gigantic effort, helping supplement the iftaar of about 15,000 poor families worldwide. Thank you, all donors and CAI frontline volunteers, for your generosity and dedication to this program, 26 years and counting. Allah bless.

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