CAI Newsletter – Apr 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Apr 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Apr 2022 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakat el Fitr

CAI will be distributing your Zakat el Fitr to the destitute in Afghanistan, India, Tanzania, and Yemen this year. The recommended amount per person is US$12. We urge you to please pledge or donate no later than April 28 as all payments/pledges after this date may not be distributed on Eid day but in the following two days.
Remember, the donation is a loan to CAI until Eid day when the intent of the donation must change to the obligatory zakat payment.

Empowering Villages – Busia, Kenya

CAI donors empowered a poor community in Busia, Kenya by leasing them 10 acres of land. The land was used to clear, plant, and maintain sugarcanes, readily sold to nearby sugar mills. The community commences it’s second harvest this April. The funds are used to re-lease the land and plowed back for the next planting/harvest after taking equal profits for the community. A win-win solution and a proud donor / CAI undertaking.

CAI’s 75th Global School Taking Shape

CAI has recently committed to building new classrooms, bathrooms and renovating yet another dilapidated elementary school, providing quality education opportunities to 450 children struggling for proper school facilities in a poor village in Tanzania. An average of about 37,000 children worldwide attend a CAI-sponsored school any day. This is in line with CAI’s priority, commitment, and focus on education first, whenever possible. A century of schools is looking possible in our lifetime. Insha’Allah?
Here is a list of the global donor-funded schools that CAI has either completed or are under work in progress.

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