CAI Newsletter – April 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – April 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – April 2017 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Ramadhan 2017 Iftaar Relief Fund Commences:

It is the month of Rajab, and as in the past 19 years, CAI is gearing up to feed the poor and destitute iftaar in the upcoming month of Ramadhan insha’Allah. Basic food grains like rice, wheat flour, pulses, tea, sugar, cooking oil and dates will be distributed in Afghanistan, 14 countries of Africa, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Yemen. Because Yemen in included into the list this year and due to the grave situation there, CAI is looking to raise US$320,000 for the iftaar this year.

This aid is possible only if we begin the logistics from now, since purchasing the food, transportation to remote areas and physical distribution before Ramadhan requires mammoth planning. Please help us accomplish this task, do not wait until the last minute to contribute. Food prices go up considerably as we near Ramadhan and it becomes a logistical nightmare to do justice to your dollars at the last moment.

Let us bring relief and happiness to the poor during this holy month for the pleasure of Allah. Please donate at now or pledge. Allah bless.

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CAI Grants Bus To Very Remote School In Kargil:

CAI will do anything possible to help a school in a poor area prosper. CAI donors constructed the Al Mahdi Public School in Kargil some 5 years ago. This school educates children from very remote and poor locations in Kargil. Since transportation to and from the school for the poor children is a huge challenge, especially in the harsh winters, CAI is assisting the school with grant/loan program for a school bus. 

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CAI School In Bamako, Mali Starts Construction:

CAI commitment to quality education for the financially challenged children, globally, continues with the construction of another quality school in Bamako, Mali.

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Yemen Milk For Malnutrition Children Program Continues:

CAI donors have generously contributed almost US$200k towards the milk for starving children of Yemen and the program continues. CAI donors have also helped with US$50k worth of medication for these children. The program continues insha’Allah. Please help if possible. 

A Brand New Orphanage Building For SGH In Sirsi:

The foundation stone for a brand new 50-strong building for our Sakina Girls Home in Sirsi, UP, India was laid on Friday, April 14. This modern building will replace the dilapidated one they currently occupy, giving them space to grow and prosper like any other child. The building will be complete by May 2018, insha’Allah.

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