CAI Newsletter – April 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – April 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – April 2018 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal 

The holy month of Ramadhan is less than six weeks away and CAI is in the process of processing the logistics of purchasing food grain supplements for 10,000 poor or destitute families across 14 countries, to be distributed before Ramadhan sets in. Each food basket will cost about US$32, so CAI needs to collect US$320,000 in the time left. The countries targeted for distribution include Yemen, the Rohingya refugees rotting in the squalor camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, and many African countries often overlooked by aid agencies. As you can see from the scale below, there is a huge gap. Please do lend a hand so CAI can fulfill this obligation towards the most vulnerable – 21 year running.

Allah bless.

Olimometer 2.52

Rehabilitation of Abul Fadhl School, Tanga, Tanzania – In Pictures

This will insha’Allah be the best school in Tanga after we are done. A proud BETA Charitable Trust / CAI undertaking.

Sakina Girls Home – Sirsi, UP, India  – Construction Update

This project is almost complete and the grand opening set for May 12, 2018, insha’Allah. The orphan girls now living in squalor like conditions will move into a first-class custom-built facility to pursue a more comfortable living, growing and learning experience.

CAI Donor Sponsored Hospital Floor In Parachinar, Pakistan – Construction Update In Pictures

This project, adding 16 sorely needed additional beds to the violence-hit area will insha’Allah open in July / August 2018. 

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