CAI Newsletter – April 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – April 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – April 2019 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2019 Ramadhan Iftaar Update:

Updates On Halwana Sadat And Kodinar Schools – India:

Trustees Abbas Jaffer and Ali Yusufali were on the ground at the CAI donor-funded work in progress schools at Kodinar, Gujarat and Halwana Sadat, UP India. These 2 impoverished areas, whose children lack education facilities, especially for girls, will soon insha’Allah have modern schools, for 600 each at full capacity.

You can view photos of these projects here and here.

Getting An Education – Sitting On A Desk.

Poor children sitting on dirt floors while trying to learn is not acceptable to CAI donors, who have supported getting thousands of such children sitting on a comfortable desk over the years. Our newest project will have 2,700 children off the floor soon insha’Allah. 900 very strong, comfortable desks each sitting 3 comfortably, will be distributed in impoverished schools in Zanzibar and Pemba.

You can view these here.

The Fruit Of Your Generosity:

A few years ago, CAI donors responded to this young girls dilemma, born with femoral anteversion or duck-foot syndrome. This would be a no big deal in the West, but for a poor family in rural India, it was devastating, especially for a girl. CAI donors intervened, got her the required treatment and she now flourishes, a topper in her class. Nothing is impossible, alhamd’Allah.

Sharing a few photos:


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