CAI Newsletter – April 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – April 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – April 2020 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Aiding Victims Of Coronavirus In Multiple Countries:

CAI donors reached out to those who are directly affected by the disease and those who have had their income disrupted by the lockdown. The following areas of distress received food and/or medical aid:

Areas in and around Mumbai, India – 5,000 families received food aid worth US$68,000.

Areas in Quetta, Taftan and camps/hospitals set up by the Pakistani government with limited or no medical equipment/supplies received medical supplies worth US$64,000. Direct food aid to displaced daily workers in Pakistan – $32,000. Aid for the purchase of 3 ventilators to Indus Hospital, Pakistan – US$48,000.

Food aid to daily wage earners in Colombo, Sri Lanka – $10,000.

Antibacterial soap and hygiene kits to Rohingya refugees at the camp outside Cox’ Bazaar – $5,000.

Food aid to daily wage earners in Kabul, Afghanistan – $57,000.

Food aid to daily wage earners in Najaf, Iraq – $50,000.

Food aid to daily wage earners in various African countries – US$145,000.

Total – $479,000.

Our efforts continue.

CAI’s Global Ramadhan 2020 Iftaar Aid – Update:

Aid to 15 countries.

Olimometer 2.52

Orphan Care

Except for Yemen, all other 660 CAI donor-supported orphans had to return to their guardian’s homes as mandated by local laws. Local CAI personnel are trying their best to ensure they have enough to eat and are otherwise healthy. This is made quite challenging due to every restriction of movement due to COVID-19.


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