CAI Newsletter – Aug 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Aug 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Aug 2021 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Daily Life At CAI Sakina Home – Sa’naa, Yemen

A glance at the daily lives of 150 orphans whom CAI donors support. They come to the specially made school for them, have breakfast, attend classes, perform extracurricular activities, play, drink milk, do their assignment, eat a late healthy lunch and return home to their guardians, six times a week. Their entire livelihood and upkeep are taken care of by generous donors of CAI. Allah bless..

Rehabilitation of Shule Shikizi ya Nkindoi, Lushoto, Tanzania

A photo update of the refurbishment of this school in remote Lushoto in the Usambara Mountains of Tanga, Tanzania. About 400 students will soon have modern and warm classrooms with desks and blackboards, a solid roof, concrete floors and decent private bathrooms for a great opportunity in quality education.

An Update On CAI Operations - Afghanistan

It is still status quo in Afghanistan. All CAI operations have come to a halt due to uncertainties brought about by the change in the country’s administration. Resumption of operations will depend on the local banks opening up so funds can move from the US, assuming the US Treasury Department will allow funds for humanitarian purpose to flow. Prayers are needed for all CAI projects, including CPES school, the orphanage facility, our 6 remote medical clinics, our ground personnel, the Afghan nation and most important, our 150 orphans.



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