CAI Newsletter – August 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – August 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – August 2016 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Worldwide Schools:

CAI is expanding its focus on education opportunities to poor communities wherever needed, across the world. With a school almost complete in Kolda, Senegal, CAI will break ground on a girl’s school in the village of Kitty, Dykundy Province, Afghanistan late September and two CAI Trustees will be in Niamey, Niger shortly for due diligence on an elementary school. These three additional school projects will bring the total to 31 CAI sponsored schools worldwide. Alhamd’Allah.

Assistance To Kabul Bomb Victim Families:

CAI has arranged for the 80-odd surviving family members of each earning person killed in the recent Kabul bomb attack to receive US$50 in food aid for the next 6 months. Please contribute to this cause if possible. Click on Disaster Relief on Allah bless.

Muskaan’s Eyes / Mohammed Hussein’s Heart:

Muskaan, a poor orphan without both parents, was four when she was given up by her overwhelmed grandmother. When CAI adopted her at Sirsi’s Sakina Girl’s Home, Muskaan was about to lose both eyes. Immediate intervention by you, the donors, saved both her  eyes and with the latest lens implants, she now leads a happy, bubbly, healthy life. Here she is, recently photographed when I chatted with her at Sirsi.


Mohammed Hussein is fifteen months old and was born with a hole in his tender heart. His parents sold whatever they possessed to come up with funds for part of the surgery costs. With assistance from donors of CAI for the balance, he is now well into recovery. He will require further surgery later on, but for now, the infant is out of danger. Sharing some photos. Allah bless.


Ghazni Orphans Eid Gifts:

Our 50 orphan boys at Ghazni, Afghanistan were given US$2.50 each as Eid gifts, donated by a well-wisher. The boys used the money to have a blast at the local Eid bazaar. Sharing few photos:



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