CAI Newsletter – August 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – August 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – August 2017 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

SOS – Urgent Humanitarian Crises In Mirzavlang, Sar Pol – Afghanistan:

Terrorists have killed 60 and kidnapped about 150 people, including teenage girls, in this troubled area of Afghanistan. Those that managed to escape to Mazar e Shareef are now homeless and have no access to food. The UN is providing tent shelter but they have nothing else. CAI is looking to provide 3-months food aid to these 330 internally displaced refugees insha’Allah. We pray that ongoing negotiations to release the victims will be fruitful and the girls reunited with these families. Please help these wretched people in their time of need by donating to the Aid For Refugees cause at The total cost will be approximately US$50,000. Allah bless. 

Cholera And Malnutrition Crises In Yemen – CAI Donors Respond:

The disaster in Yemen continues, with malnutrition and cholera epidemic escalating, and little relief in sight. CAI donors have responded with high calorie and high nutrition milk for the starving children and cholera vaccination for 16,000 children. 12,000 children have already been vaccinated, while vaccines for 2,000 children are under process. CAI is still short on funds for 2,000 vaccines (US$10,000). Please help reach this goal if you can. 



CAI Donors Reach Out To Victims Of Bomb Victims In Parachinar, Pakistan:

Suicide bombers killed 86 people in Parachinar, Pakistan one day before Eid el Fitr, causing mayhem and robbing families of their primary bread earners. CAI donors responded by aiding surviving widows with a milk producing cow so that their families livelihood can continue without the women and children resorting to begging. This and other economic initiatives are underway, so the survivors will be insha’Allah economically independent.

Sharing few photos of animal distribution.


CAI’s 34th Global School In Afghanistan Takes Shape:

This, CAI’s 34th school worldwide, in very remote Dayaroos, Afganistan, is well under way. Sharing a few photos of construction in progress:



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