CAI Newsletter – August 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – August 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – August 2018 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Eid al Adhaa Qurbaani Update

A total of 104 animals were sacrificed and their meat and skin distributed to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, Africa, India, and Yemen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

CAI Orphan Girls Shine Big In Robotics Competition

CAI SGH orphans Fatema Niyazi and Zulaikha Moosavi did so well in Afghanistan Robotics competition, they were invited to be on National TV. These girls have been under CAI care since early childhood, flourishing and becoming educated, proud and productive humans.

CAI’s 6th Remote Medical Clinic Nearing Completion

This medical clinic, catering to about 14,000 plus poor people who have no other place to go when ill is now near completion and ready to move to a modern and new, purpose building in Gazbeeri, Dykundy Province, Afghanistan. Opening late October 2018 insha’Allah.

Sharing some photos of the current construction status.

10 New Homes For Homeless Approved For India

CAI donors will insha’Allah finance the construction of 10 additional homes for the homeless in and around Mumbai. This brings total homes CAI has built to house the homeless to over 390 all across India.

CAI To Assist Victims Of Kabul Education Center Bombing

A suicide bomber struck at university going students who were testing for entrance exams in Daste Barchi, Kabul on August 14 brutally killing 39 teenagers and injuring / maiming scores others. The CAI team is working to assist surviving members to cope as best as they can.

CAI is appealing for your help in this urgent cause. Allah bless.





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