CAI Newsletter – August 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – August 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – August 2019 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Eid Qurbaani – Last Chance

CAI will insha’Allah facilitate the sacrifice and distribution of meat and skin to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, Bangladesh (Rohingya refugees), India, Kenya, Tanzania, and Yemen. Payments and or pledges must be completed by August 5 for the following rates to apply. Unfortunately, we cannot entertain any requests after August 05 due to logistical and pricing issues. Any unlikely overages will be credited to CAI feeding programs.

Afghanistan $122 – Bangladesh $95 – India $95 – Kenya $50 – Tanzania $50 – Yemen $140.

Yemen CAI Supported Orphanage Opens

Happier, hopeful day for 25 orphan girls and 25 orphan boys in Sana’a, Yemen as they begin a new, brighter life insha’Allah. They will attend a CAI donor-supported school and begin education for the first time in years. They will be fed, clothed and their physical and physiological well being will insha’Allah be taken care of as well. Sharing a few photos of the opening:

Rohingya Orphans Need Support

CAI has enough funds to care for the displaced Rohingya orphans up to December 2019. These 200 orphans receive a full day of quality education, two meals per day, a daily glass of milk, clothes, footwear, complete medical and emotional support.

CAI is planning to extend this care for 2020 insha’Allah, without which they will find the already tough daily living exceedingly challenging. Let us please take care of them at least until such time they can safely return to their rightful homes in Myanmar (Burma).

Included in this aid deal is the daily supply of fresh potable water to about 39,000 people in the squalor camp 4 and 8 where these refugees have taken refuge in very trying conditions.

Sharing a few recent photos from the camp school:

Kabul Orphanage / School

This is what the Sakina Girls Home, (50 orphans) Zahra Boys Home (100 orphans) and CAI Private English School (CPES) in Kabul, Afghanistan will look like come October 2019 insha’Allah.


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