CAI Newsletter – August 2019 – C

CAI Newsletter – August 2019 – C

CAI Newsletter – August 2019 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

ZBH/CPES Kabul Orphanage / School:

CAI sponsored Zahra Boys Home and school project is almost complete, ready for business early November insha’Allah. Sharing a few photos:

Water Project – Naserriya, Iraq

There is an urgent need for clean potable water for the residents of Nasiriyah, Iraq. This will be CAI donor’s seventh major water project in Iraq, each benefiting about 20,000 harassed people desperate for water. Cost is about US$46,000 for the entire setup, including the desalination and purifying apparatus. Please help if possible; Allah bless.

Over The Top…

Very happy to report that the response to the matching $50,000 challenge from a donor was met and we are over the top, at almost $55,000. This is amazing and a HUGE Allah bless to all that helped out. Although the $50,000 challenge has been met, the project remains underwater by about $77,000.

CAI had to remove 50 orphan girls from a very precarious situation in a dilapidated building in Andheri, Mumbai and resettle them in a safe and comfortable new home. While this has been done, funding for the project is in deficit. Please help if possible. Allah bless.

Here are some photos of their new home:

Vivid Imaginations – A Memoir:

$55,000 has already been raised from the pre-sale booking of Vivid Imaginations – A Memoir. It is a recount of a memorable life of a Khoja Muslim with Gujarati genes, born and reared in E. Africa, migrating to the Middle East and then to the US. A frank and self-critical account, funny yet somber and very telling. A not to be missed read insha’Allah. You can read a brief preview here.

This will be a limited print issue, only 320 copies (205 already booked).  All proceeds, 100%, benefit CAI’s 550 orphans worldwide. Please purchase a copy or more for $50 each? For legal and administrative purposes, the donation is not tax-deductible and must be purchased online at  Allah bless.

Please note this book will be published in the first quarter of 2020 and mailed immediately thereafter, insha’Allah.


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