CAI Newsletter – Dec. 2020 – A

CAI Newsletter – Dec. 2020 – A

CAI Newsletter – Dec. 2020 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Welcomes 50 Additional Yemen Orphans

50 more poor internally displaced orphans were welcomed into the Sakina Home in Sana’a, Yemen recently. These orphans can now be assured of all life’s necessities including quality education at probably the only operation school in the destroyed city.

CAI Donor Lifesaver Food Aid To Yemen Continues

Critical life-saving monthly food support to 500 internally displaced orphans and destitute families for September/October 2020.

This is a great life-saving effort by CAI donors. Please help so this effort continues as the food situation worsens in this war ravaged country.


Food Aid To Fathers Of Massacred Wives - 6th Month

Gunmen massacred 23 new mothers at a hospital in Kabul, leaving 23 infants orphaned. CAI donors have helped with milk and sanitary supplies for the infants for the pat 6 months and this aid will continue for the next 6 months insha’Allah.


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