CAI Newsletter – Dec 2022 – A

CAI Newsletter – Dec 2022 – A

CAI Newsletter – Dec 2022 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Lifesaver Winter Blankets - Yemen

Winters in Yemen can be deadly for the homeless and destitute. CAI has been aiding the poor in Yemen caught in the conflict of violence for years. There is a real need to distribute lifesaver blankets to the interiors of Yemen by December 15. We need 1,400 warm blankets that comfortably accommodate 2 adults and a child warding off the cold and possibly saving lives.

Please help if you can by donating a blanket at $32, or more.

5 New Water Well Projects – Africa

CAI has taken on five new water well projects in November, bringing potable water to areas where people have not bathed for weeks. Seeking water is a terrible burden, mainly on school children and the womenfolk who struggle daily for drinking water, which takes an average of four hours every day.

The villages benefiting:
Michungwani, Tanga Region, Tanzania – 1 well benefiting 1 village
Azimiyo, Tanga Region, Tanzania – Twin wells benefiting 1 village, 2 schools
Maji Ya Shamba, Kondoa Region, Tanzania – 1 well benefiting 1 village
Mji Mwema, Arusha Region, Tanzania – 1 well benefiting 1 village
Lolkisale, Arusha Region, Tanzania – 1 well benefiting 1 village

Approximately 32,000 people will benefit from these projects costing about US$57,000.

Al Mahdi School – An Update

This school, initially gifted by CAI in 2017, which educates about 500 students from a mostly farming community in the remote village of Hallour, UP, India did so well, CAI donors decided to add a library, a computer lab, and tile all floors and walls. It is a beautiful school in a rural setting and the poor children have an excellent opportunity for quality education. Sharing a few photos.


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