CAI Newsletter – December 2015 – A

CAI Newsletter – December 2015 – A

CAI Newsletter – December 2015 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI’s 25th School In Progress – An Important Milestone

CAI’s 25th school is now getting ready for breaking ground at Kolda, about 430 miles from Dakar, in Senegal. This will be a middle school, the first one in the area, for poor children graduating from elementary school, a chance to progress up. Insha’Allah. CAI Trustees had a very productive trip to Senegal and Liberia late November. You can read the trip report and view some photos here.

Alhamd’Allah, CAI is fortunate to have this opportunity – 25 quality schools in 18 years, most in the remotest part of our universe. I thank Allah for this tremendous blessing and salute CAI’s many donors and well-wishers for their solid and unwavering support. Allah bless.

Let Us Please Provide Them Desks

We have about 22 elementary schools all around Kolda in Senegal where children don’t have desks to sit on. The children sit on the dirt floor for hours, stooped over textbooks, a painful and very uncomfortable task indeed. A desk costs US$60 and sits three children in relative comfort. Please donate towards this project. We want to be able to have all the children sitting comfortable insha’Allah.


Water Well Project In Monrovia Liberia Completes

The most recent water well project for poor Liberians get potable water completed – sharing few photos.


CAI Adds 16 New Scholarship Grants For 2016 / First CAI Sponsored MBA Girl Student

CAI is adding 16 additional poor girls students towards college education degree; this brings to 33 total number of students under current active sponsorship. This student, Layla Ally, just completed her MBA program in Kiswahili literature, a rare and challenging task. CAI now has two sponsored students completing MBA programs in four years of activity.


Kabul Sakina Girls School  Orphanage Project Photo Update

Still scheduled to open end April / early May 2016 insha’Allah. All invited to attend the opening; ten people maximum, six spots still open.


Sohail’s Photo Blog

Here is the 3rd in the series of Sohail’s Photo Blogs about his recent trip into Afghanistan. Enjoy his take on the trip with the wonderful photo shots and videos. 


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