CAI Newsletter – December 2015 – B

CAI Newsletter – December 2015 – B

CAI Newsletter – December 2015 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Desks For African Schools:

CAI is in immediate need of about 1,000 desks for poor African schools in Senegal, Liberia and Tanzania. The desks in Tanzania cost US$100 while in Senegal and Liberia, US$70. Each desk sits three children in relative comfort and offers them storage space for books and supplies. These desks will greatly alleviate the students pain of sitting hunched over books for hours, leading to long-term back problems. Please sponsor a desk or two if you can. Allah bless.


Afghanistan Talesheghan Water Project Concludes – These Pictures Paint A Thousand Words:

This water distribution system serves over 20,000 people with clean and fresh potable water available right outside their homes, 365 days, 24 hours. No need to trekking and lugging a barrel of water for hours in snow and ice. This project is so remote, donkeys played a huge role in completing it.


Oozmuck Medical Clinic Construction Completes:

Imagine gifting this to the most destitute of this world’s poor! A first class medical facility – with a medical doctor, a registered nurse, a midwife, pharmacist and medicines. Where none existed before! And in the middle of the world’s remotest place. CAI makes the impossible, possible. Alhamd’Allah.

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2015 Tax Receipts For US Residents:

These will insha’Allah be mailed out in time for you to receive them before January 31st, 2016. Should you not receive them by this time, please contact Hasnain Yusufali at


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