CAI Newsletter – December 2016 – B

CAI Newsletter – December 2016 – B

CAI Newsletter – December 2016 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Food Aid To The Rohingya Refugees:

As you read this, I will insha’Allah be distributing rice to the Rohingya refugees at the Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh border area. This food aid is going to probably the most persecuted peoples in our world, fleeing the horrific violence against them. The Ledo camp at the border is where these refugees end up and out of desperation, resort to eating boiled grass seasoned with salt and chili peppers. Let us please help them – each family will get a 5-kilo bag of rice. Our budget is US$50,000 and we have raised about US$41,000. Donate at and choose the Aid to Refugees button. Allah bless.

Food Aid To Kabul Blast Survivors:

The last food distribution to survivors of the Kabul bomb blast victims took place recently. 80 families, who lost an earning member, received food aid worth US$50 for six months. Sharing a few photos:


 32 Homes For The Homeless In Iraq – Progress Report:

This project, between Najaf and Kerbala, is coming along nicely; scheduled for completion in April, 2017 insha’Allah – sharing few photos:


Water Purifying Units For Haiti – Progress Report:

CAI Trustee Abbas Jaffer supervised the distribution of 450 water purifying kits to the families hard hit by Hurricane Matthew that brought about so much destruction to this badbakth country, spreading misery and pain of disease, especially cholera. These kits provide a family adequate potable and usage water per day for the next eighteen months minimum. The kits were donated in the memory of our beloved Imam Hussein (a). Sharing a few photos:



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