CAI Newsletter – December 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – December 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – December 2018 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Aid – Focus On East African Education

CAI donors will be focusing on the rehabilitation of 3 badly dilapidated schools so children can sit on a desk instead of floors, have safe water to drink, water in decent toilets and privacy while using it. A school each in Tanga, Pemba and Zanzibar will benefit from this program insha’Allah.

Selling Daughters – Afghanistan

CAI donors have come to the aid of desperate internally displaced refugees in central Afghanistan, some selling off their daughters due to persecution and hunger. 1,000 families (about 6,000 individuals) will receive enough food grains for 6 weeks. They have been promised adequate security to return homes and farms after this period. An initial allocation of US$50,000 has been made and more later insha’Allah. Sharing some photos of food distribution.

Zahra Boys Home, Kabul – A Photo Progress Report – Basement Complete

Mobile Medical Clinic – Yemen

Due to the precarious security situation in the country, fixed medical centers are no longer viable to administrate medical services. CAI will, insha’Allah, do a pilot project to vaccinate 100 children a day for a month in January 2019. The total cost of vaccinating these 3,000 children against the absolute threat of cholera is US$30,000, including a mobile clinic, doctors, nurses, and the medication. Please help if possible – Allah bless.




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