CAI Newsletter – December 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – December 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – December 2018 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Tears Of Blood

Here is a narrative of a Rohingya massacre survivor who made it alive to Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, after seeing her husband shot dead in cold blood, raped by several Myanmar army personnel and seeing her 18-month infant murdered in front of her eyes. Read the in-person interview by Ali Yusufali here.

Cycling For CAI’s 7th Medical Clinic In Afghanistan

Two CAI Trustees and 6 others will insha’Allah cycle about 220 miles through southern Thailand in 5 days for adventure and to raise funds for the construction of CAI’s 7th medical clinic in remote Dykoonky Province of Afghanistan. The clinic, once constructed, will serve 300 very poor people per week, who have never seen a medical doctor, children will receive free immunization and women will be able to have babies in a safe, warm and sterile room.

Sharing photos of a typical medical clinic that CAI builds for the poor. This one, in Gazbeeri, was commissioned in October 2018. Please help us in getting to the US$275,000 needed to build this invaluable facility.

Education Yemen’s Aspiring College Students

Students in Yemen crave to complete their education, notwithstanding the violence and bombing that the country daily endures. CAI will insha’Allah grant scholarships to 50 college/university students who have financial challenges and who have maintained a B grade average. CAI has collected half of the US$25,000 required. Please help if possible.

A Warm Blanket Can Save Lives

It is winter in Afghanistan, India, and Yemen. The temperatures in these countries can plummet to dangerous levels, and unfortunately, the most vulnerable of the poor never get up from sleep. A US$20 warm blanket will insha’Allah save lives. Please consider donating one or a few.





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