CAI Newsletter – Feb. 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Feb. 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Feb. 2021 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Must Mobilize For Ramadhan Iftaar

It’s the month of Rajab and CAI must mobilize for the annual Ramadhan iftaar feeding to the worldwide poor and destitute – for the 24th successive year, alham’Allah. The goal is to provide basic supplemental iftaar needs of 14,000 poor families in 18 countries – Afghanistan, Rohingyas refugees in Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, India, Iraq, Liberia, Kenya, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Tanzania, Togo, and Yemen.

At an average cost of US$32 per food basket, that’s US$448,000 plus transportation and administration cost of US$25,000 – total of US$473,000 that CAI must raise within the next six weeks for all this to be logistically possible before the holy month sets in. A bit optimistic perhaps, but doable nevertheless insha’Allah. Remember, CAI aids the poor in some of the most remote, inhospitable and dangerous places of our world.

CAI is looking for your continued support and generosity as we contribute to this invaluable investment. Please either pledge or donate now. Allah bless.

Poor Widows Get A Self-Help Boost

11 poor widows in the economically challenged village of Busia, Kenya received a cow as a gift from CAI donors last week. The cow will give milk, ready protein for her kids, the excess will be sold, ready cash for her to spend on kid’s school supplies or medication, and the animals will multiply by one kid/year, an addition of asset for the widow.

5 poor widows in a remote village of Aab Bazan Village Qereshk District received a gift of 5 sheep each from CAI donors last week. These sheep give ready milk which is ready protein for her kids, the wool can be sold in the market and sheep procreate fast and the five animals can be 20 in a few years. That’s a small fortune for these hapless widows and a brighter future insha’Allah.

CAI Help Poor Iraqi School Repair Footbridge

Students in a poor village in Almashkhab, Aldobynnya, Iraq lost a footbridge over a river they used to walk to school. They currently walk about 2 miles each way to and from school. CAI donors stepped in and repaired the bridge, providing relief for the young girls and boys from the intense winter cold or summer heat.



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