CAI Newsletter – February 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – February 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – February 2017 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Amazon Smile On CAI:

Reminder – please use Amazon Smile if you order stuff from Amazon and designate Comfort Aid International as beneficiary. CAI gets a tiny rebate – every penny counts! Ahsant.

32 Iraq Housing Projet Update – Photos:

Here are the latest photos from the project site.


Education Projects In Senegal / Liberia / Mali – A Travel Blog:

A few CAI Trustees, along with Naseen Walji of BETA in the UK, our partner NGO, recently visited Senegal, Liberia and Mali in West Africa for CAI / Beta funded education projects. You may find this report and photos / videos very interesting and informative. 

Drought Relief For Kenya / Somalia:

There are persistent reports of severe drought and potable water problems yet again in Kenya / Somalia in what appears to be a repeat of early 2001 / 2002 crises that took the lives of thousands. CAI would like to be proactive with the distribution of water at this time, followed up with food grains once our due diligence is complete. Please help and donate for water and food so we can try and do whatever little we can with this wonderful opportunity in the way of Allah’s pleasure.


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