CAI Newsletter – February 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – February 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – February 2019 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Basra Water Well 2/3 Mobilizing

Alhamd’Allah, CAI is mobilizing the drilling of deep water wells 2 and 3 in water-starved areas of Basra, Iraq. These wells will greatly alleviate the sufferings of about 30,000 hapless people who have to do with contaminated water now. Sharing a few photos of the mobilization.

Rohingya Orphans And Water Projects

CAI Trustees Murtaza Bhimani and Ali Yusufali recently completed a visit to the Rohingya refugees at camp 8W and 4E where CAI is caring for 203 orphans and supplying clean, potable water to about 29,000. This translates to 240,000 liters of potable water supplied daily, any time of the day. Alhamd’Allah.

You might find this report on the visit interesting.

A Day In The Life Of An Orphan At ZBH – Ghazni

50 of the about 550 worldwide orphans that CAI donors care for live in Ghazni, Afghanistan, one of the most challenged areas of that country for security and weather. They flourish here, getting a modern education and a chance of a better tomorrow insha’Allah.




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