CAI Newsletter – February 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – February 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – February 2020 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Mobilization For Ramadhan 2020 – Help Now!

For this 24th year straight, CAI donors will insha’Allah help supplement the iftaar of about 14,000 poor and destitute worldwide, in 14 countries – Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leon, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, and Yemen.

The average budget for the supplemental energy food package per family is about US$23 so our budget is US$322,000. Requesting your kindness as soon as possible so CAI can arrange all the logistics involved, including much better prices early, as food prices tend to escalate a lot closer to the holy month. Also, the iftaar aid reaches very remote areas of the world, so logistics is a challenge and we must have a lot of lead time.

Let us please join hands and help a hungry family have a filling healthy iftaar. Allah bless.

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A Day In A Remote Afghanistan CAI Sponsored  Medical Clinic

CAI has constructed and runs 6 medical clinics in very remote parts of Afghanistan, literally a lifeline for the poor inhabitants, especially in winter when snow makes mobility a virtual impossibility. A modern clinic, a qualified MD, midwife, nurse, pharmacist in house and outreach immunizations – all free to the very poor inhabitants. These clinics are a sanctuary for expectant mothers who can give birth is a safe, warm and sterile place. Sharing a few photos:

Aid To Probably The Most Remote Area On Earth

CAI was able to aid 14 families displaced and trapped in Badakshan, Afghanistan due to internal violence. Badakshan is greatly remote, and logistics of any kind is a mighty challenge. Food and blankets lasting 3 months were distributed to these hapless families. Sharing a few photos:

2019 US Tax Receipts

All 2019 tax receipts to US-based donors have been emailed at the time of the donation. If you still need a misplaced or lost copy, a year-end summary can be obtained by emailing Murtaza at


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