CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Donors To Adopt 140 Orphans In Uganda

CAI donors are to adopt 140 orphans living in squalid conditions in two centers of remote Uganda, in Senene and Tamasaka. These two centers will be refurbished with hygienic sleeping / living quarters, healthy food, decent clothing, reconstruction of their dilapidated classrooms, and desks to sit on. Insha’Allah.

In addition to the brand-new Sakina Girls Home in Zanzibar, this brings the total number of worldwide orphans care directly benefiting from donor support to about 770. If ten percent of these poor hapless children break out of poverty and become productive humans who educate their families and help others in their community, this is return on investment unequalled.

Please read the trip report to Uganda and Zanzibar and view photos here.

Gift A Desk To A Poor African School

Hundreds of schools in East Africa lack school desks for their poor students who trek shoeless to school. They sit on a dirt floor from where parasites make their way up their bodies through their toenails in the rainy season. Please help CAI gift a desk they can have a more comfortable and healthy time getting an education. A sturdy long-lasting desk costs US$100 and can sit three kids comfortably. CAI is aiming to raise funds to gift 1,400 desks in 2021 insha’Allah.

CAI Remote Afghanistan Medical In Winter

It is the middle of winter in Afghanistan, which can be brutal, but the six CAI sponsored remote medical clinics operate as usual. The poor sick can get emergency medical attention 24x7x365, a lifesaver, especially for expectant mothers.


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