CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Food And Powder Milk Aid To Yemen Continues

Donors of CAI continue the lifeline support to the desperate food situation in Yemen with monthly aid of food and powder milk for infants. Sharing the most recent aid distribution photos:

Daily Milk For CAI Orphans

All 770 plus global CAI donor-supported orphans get all their basic livelihood requirements fulfilled. Food, clothing, medical, recreational needs, and quality education for a safe, healthy and solid foundation in life so they have the opportunity to take-off and fly with the least turbulence when they eventually leave. This includes a glass of wholesome milk every day. Sharing some photos from Afghanistan, Bangladesh (Rohingya orphans), India, Zanzibar, and Yemen.

CAI Completes 72 House Project

CAI recently handed over 72 homes to destitute widows with children, many of who lost their primary economic provider in the violence of bomb blasts in Afghanistan. Many widows use this asset for generating home-based income by sewing or making carpets. Sharing a few photos of their very comfortable homes.


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