CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – C

CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – C

CAI Newsletter – Jan. 2021 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Donates Hospital Equipment To Wete, Pemba

CAI donors donated critical equipment worth Tanzanian Shillings 12,000,000 (about US$5,200) to a poor hospital lacking them in Wete, Pemba. Sharing few photos:

Lives Saved By CAI Donors

Due to the saline nature of water in Afghanistan, and potable water is a financial challenge, the poor suffer and many eventually end up with end stage renal failures. The only solution is a kidney transplant or death. CAI has helped a number of desperate poor people pay for this treatment. In this case, a sister helped her brother with a healthy kidney. Both are doing well.

CAI Donors To Help Maternity Hospital In Nakuru, Kenya

CAI donors will gift Alghadeer Medical Clinic hospital in Nakuru with US$50,000 worth of equipment for a new maternity wing shortly. The poor of Nakuru will greatly benefit from this low-cost facility to deliver their babies in a safe, healthy and more affordable location insha’Allah.


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