CAI Newsletter – January 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – January 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – January 2019 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

The Value Of An Education – CAI’s CPES School, Kabul

These photos paint a pretty, promising picture for the next generation of Afghans, insha’Allah.

The Rebuilding Of Yemen – Focus On Education

We pray that the initial tentative signs of peace become permanent soon insha’Allah, so that CAI can focus on more sustainable projects that begin the frightening scope of the rebuilding of Yemen from the rubble. The start must be with the destroyed education system and the care of orphans. CAI will insha’Allah embark on this mission as soon as it’s feasible. We will need your continued support and prayers.

HIV Victims In Zanzibar Get CAI Donor Food Aid

These very poor victims of this cruel killer disease, mostly contaminated through their parents, have very little chance of survival without nutritious food for the medicines they take; CAI donors funds have provided a fighting chance. About 70 odd patients will get nutritious food for the next 6 months insha’Allah, giving them a fighting chance for possible survival insha’Allah. Please help them if possible.

A Warm Blanket Can Save Lives

It is winter in Afghanistan, India, and Yemen. The temperatures in these countries can plummet to dangerous levels, and unfortunately, the most vulnerable of the poor never get up from sleep. A US$20 warm blanket will insha’Allah save lives. Please consider donating one or a few.





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