CAI Newsletter – Jul 2021 – C

CAI Newsletter – Jul 2021 – C

CAI Newsletter – Jul 2021 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Emergency Food Aid - Afghanistan

CAI is eying the recent developments in Afghanistan with increasing anxiety and dread. With six remote medical clinics providing a lifeline to the sick, the care of 150 orphans, and other extensive humanitarian services for the poor, there is so much to lose if the violence goes out of control. Unfortunately, CAI Trustees had to make the strategic decision to close down, temporarily, 3 of the 6 medical clinics to err in the side of abundant caution. This will, tragically, affect over 30,000 people who rely on the clinics for basic but critical medical attention and supplies.

CAI donors are already feeding about 10,000 plus internally displaced people in Dykundy and Herat Province who have fled their homes. Similar situations are developing in Badakshan, Helmand, Mazaar, and Sar Pole. CAI had initially pledged US$100,000 for this feeding program but the disaster is already calling for much more food to be distributed.

Please help if you can. Allah bless.

2 Dilapidated Pemba Schools To Get New Life

Ukunjwi Elementary School is in Wete District home to 1,800 students
Michewani Elementary School is in Michewani District hosting 3,500 children

Both these schools are in an extremely dilapidated state, without proper toilets and running water. This is a distressing prospect, especially for young maturing girls who have to use the cover of the bushes for their privy needs. CAI will, insha’Allah completely renovate these schools with a new roof, concrete floors, wall plaster, new paint, desks, blackboards, a functional toilet block with water well providing potable water.

US$113,000 of US$154,000 has been pledged and or donated. CAI is looking for the balance. This is an awfully great investment in a poor child for the pleasure of Allah. Please help if you can.

School Textbooks For Zanzibar Schools

Schoolchildren in rural Zanzibar and Pemba share one textbook between a minimum of seven students, and they cannot check it out for home study. CAI has obtained permission to print these books from the Ministry of Education and distribute them to a few schools. The cost of printing and distributing these locally is US$2 per book. Please help CAI distribute 10,000 books to twenty poor schools in Zanzibar and Pemba.


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